Powerful images

Palm Valley near Alice Springs 109.jpg
Palm Valley, near Alice Springs, Australia: The person standing on the top of the rock brings a surprising sense of scale to the image.

As teachers we know the power of an image. An interesting picture can be inspirational. I favour using images that I’ve taken myself. There are three main reasons for this:

  1. I know I have permission to use it and I am modelling academic honesty in the most authentic way to my students.
  2. I know that what the image conveys is what really happened.

And, most importantly:

3. I can authentically relate my experiences to the topic at hand, and show that geography is not just in textbook (or on a website).

Take the image above as an example. It really was that red – something I had always thought was being faked in magazines and travel brochures – because of the high iron content in the rocks. And because I know the person in the picture (he’s called Andy, and he’s from Austria), I can talk about the incredibly dangerous climb he made up the rock face while the rest of us sat on the opposite hill and planned the trip to the nearest hospital (150km away), and relate it to remote tourism and the rural facilities hierarchy. And, I can talk about how this place, called Palm Valley, is so named because it contains relic species of palm that were trapped here as the continents moved and the need to adapt to the competition ceased.

On GeographyCaseStudy.Com, all the photographs are mine. You’re welcome to borrow any that you think are useful, but it’s always better to have a personal touch and use your own.



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