Teacher tips

This section of the site is about teaching ideas. There are two reasons I identify difficulties teaching students aged 16 and over:

  • When students are older, it can seem inappropriate to use the same techniques such as card sorts, video interpretation or games as those used with younger students, so you need to find methods that recognise the maturity of the students while remaining fun.
  • The pressure of getting through all the syllabus content in time for the exams (and, probably the mock exams that come before them), and ensuring that you balance the content with the concepts and discursive approach that allows students to reach the highest levels of thinking.

This section of the site suggests ways in which lessons can be made more powerful without sacrificing the coverage of content nor the inquiry process. These ideas all need to be carefully planned in your context to maximise motivation. Many of the ideas assume that students have access to the internet in their lesson, but with some forethought you can likely avoid laptop use altogether.