How to revise using flash cards

By Matt Burdett, 22 February 2020

This article is about how to use flashcards to help you revise for Geography exams.

Everyone uses flash cards. And there’s some great apps for your phone that you can use too.

So why don’t you remember anything?

Well, maybe you need to tweak the way you’re using them. Here’s my eight tips for making the most of flashcards!

  1. Make it flash. Flash doesn’t mean looking good; it means looking quick. If you’ve got more than a sentence to read, your flashcard is too long. Dump it.
  2. Make them for facts. Capital city of Brazil? Brasilia. See? It’s quick. Why is the capital city of Brasilia? Well, that’s a much more difficult – and lengthy – question, and shouldn’t be on a flashcard.
  3. If you get the card correct, put it in a pile to do again in a few days time. Get it wrong? Put it in a pile to do again later today or tomorrow.
  4. Use your flashcards often. Even if you know them.
  5. Shuffle them. If your cards always come in the same order, you’re going to learn the order, not the idea.
  6. Don’t have too many. Everyone’s different, but I can’t use more than 20 before it becomes a bit pointless.
  7. Colour code them according to the subject.
  8. Spend a maximum of a few minutes on flashcards. Little and often is better than a half hour flashcard session.

Got any more ideas for flashcards? Add a comment below!

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